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The History of La Clique

11th Dec 2019

To celebrate La Clique’s return to London after ten years, we look back at the original Spiegeltent cabaret that sparked a modern cabaret revolution. 

In 1985, Spiegelmaestro and jazz pianist David Bates performed in The Famous Spiegeltent, an original 1920s travelling theatre venue which had previously housed a host of cabaret, burlesque and music performers including legendary singer Marlene Dietrich. Inspired by its beauty and incredible history, Bates hired the venue himself, pulling together unique acts from the cabaret and variety world. It was here that the beginnings of La Clique were born. 

Fast forward to 2004, and The Famous Spiegeltent (which Bates now owns) travelled to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where La Clique was unveiled to rave reviews. This cemented the show as the original and definitive Spiegeltent mixed-genre variety production, inspiring a new generation of cabaret. 

Since then, The Famous Spiegeltent and La Clique have flown around the world: Paris, New York, Sydney, Montreal, Melbourne, Dublin ... hosting the crème de la crème of cutting-edge cabaret and variety from all corners of the globe. 

In 2008, La Clique arrived in London, exploding out of The Famous Spiegeltent and taking residency in the London Hippodrome where it astonished audiences and took home the coveted Olivier Award for Best Entertainment. 

In 2017 and 2018, the show took on a festive twist with La Clique Noël and La Clique Noël Part Deux as it returned to its birthplace for Edinburgh’s Christmas. 

And now, on its much-anticipated return to London’s glittering West End, take your seat and strap yourself in for the ride of your life: La Clique, the original and the best – “Over your head, under your skin and below the belt!”. 

Only performing until 4 Jan. 

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